5 Black Women Artists Redefining the UK Art Scene

5 Black Women Artists Redefining the UK Art Scene

Let's be honest, growing up, our exposure to art history felt like a who's who of white male artists – Picasso, da Vinci, van Gogh, Warhol... you get the picture! But what about the incredible Black female artists who have shaped the art world? Yeah, not so many on the classroom syllabus, were they?

Representation in art has a long way to go and although some progress has been made, there is still a long road ahead until the art world has a more level playing field. Therefore, today let's focus our attention and celebrate the phenomenal work of 5 Black female artists from the UK. It's time to give these underrepresented voices the recognition they deserve!


Here are 5 black women artists from the UK that you should know about:




Drawing inspiration from her own cultural heritage, Eden’s black and white portraits showcase the unique beauty and strength of Black and Brown women, reflecting her vision and aim for a more inclusive art world.

EDENSARTGB sitting next to her painting of a mother and child.





Teoni creates art that focuses on romanticising everyday life through figurative art. Inspired by both the magic of the mundane and the stories of those closest to her, her art whispers tales of self-discovery and the beauty of shared humanity.





Ruth’s unique African Art prints explode with vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns, a symphony of peace and self-love that celebrates the strength and beauty of African women and men.




Infused with the sun-soaked spirit of her Caribbean roots and the misty charm of England, Eden's art unfolds on a majestic scale, celebrating the raw beauty of her ancestral home with a distinctively vibrant palette.




Natasha creates art that not only explores the concept of beauty in our society but also sheds light on the complex experiences of racism, discrimination, and marginalisation.


so, the next time you're wandering through a gallery, be conscious of seeking out Black artists. Ask questions, learn their stories and let their work ignite your own creative spark. When we celebrate the whole kaleidoscope, the art world becomes a richer, more vibrant place for everyone.


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Eden Mullane is one of the most incredible artists working today. Her work is breathtaking. Brilliant article.


So honoured to be featured in this article amongst such talented fellow female Black Artists. I absolutely love that you’re giving our underrepresented voices this wonderful platform, thank you!


Oh wow absolutely fabulous. Beautiful Art and amazing to know that although a small percentage known are black women, we are here and God bless you for not only recognizing the other few, but also introducing us your audience to. Kudos 😉


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