How to create Certificates Of Authenticity On A Budget.

How to create Certificates Of Authenticity On A Budget.

Looking to create a certificate of authenticity for your artwork? Look no further! I created mine on a budget and I’d love to show you how I put it all together!


What Is A Certificate Of Authenticity?


A certificate of authenticity is a document used as authentication for a piece of artwork. It’s kind of like if you were to purchase a Gucci handbag - you would expect it to have a serial number. The odds are if it doesn’t, it’s probably fake. 🚫 The serial number on the bag is proof that it’s an authentic, original item created by Gucci and not a knock off.

This is the same concept as a certificate of authenticity. When you purchase artwork and receive the COA alongside it, you can feel confident in knowing that the art you just invested in, is not fake but instead an original piece of art created by the artist - like the image below 😊✅

Black female artist


What to include on your certificate of authenticity?

It’s totally up to you what you wish to include but here are a few suggestions:

  • Artist Name
  • Title of Work
  • Date of Completion
  • Dimensions
  • Medium
  • Photo of Artwork
  • A brief statement written by the artist that states the authenticity of the work and relevant copyrights.
  • How to care for the artwork.
  • Is it an Original or a print?
  • Serial number
  • Contact info
  • Signature and date

One thing I did struggle to find when creating my COA’s was a statement to include. However, I came across an artist named Molly Jay who provided a small body of text for fellow artists to use as a guide.  Thanks Molly! 


“This Certificate of Authenticity certifies that this artwork, is a one of a kind, authentic, original artwork created by the Artist ______________.
All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the Artist. The Artist can be contacted by Email: ______________ or Website: ________________”


Before creating my COA’s, I did some research on templates and what important information to include. I originally wanted to get them designed and printed by a professional branding designer but when the quotes were ranging from £200-£350, 😐 I decided to save money and create them myself. 

I wanted my certificates to be grand and extravagant, however, I was on a budget so I decided to opt for a simple yet sophisticated look.

I designed my certificates using the app CANVA (absolutely brilliant app 💯 ). I then saved it as a PDF file so that it wouldn’t lose it’s quality and then got it printed out onto 250gsm quality eco friendly card, using a professional digital printing company.

I still had my dreams of having some form of metallic gold on there (I’m like a big kid, anything shiny, I want!) so I browsed the web for authenticity stickers and managed to find some to my liking at a reasonable price. 😃

 And VOILA! My certificates were made!

Certificate of authenticity




  • If you’re thinking about making your own certificates then by now you should have your business branding sorted. Branding is super important when it comes to your business because you want your clients to be able to recognise you through your consistent use of branding colours and style. My branding colours are cream/white and black just like my logo, so that’s what my certificates are made up of.
  • Make your Certificate unique to you and your brand. It’s great to be inspired but don’t copy other artists designs, especially mine 😂 a lot of thought went into that!
  • Hand sign your certificates. Don’t mass print certificates with it already signed. Hand signing it makes it more valuable and it just looks more professional.
  • Use a font that is clear.



I hope you found this blog useful and I really hope you like the design of my certificates of authenticity (proud mama bear 🥰). If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I’d be happy to answer them.

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Have a lovely day 💕 

Eden x

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