Monochrome Interior - Black and White Home Decor

Monochrome Interior - Black and White Home Decor

MONOCHROME has unapologetically put on its big black boots, ready to take over the interior game! 
To be fair, it never reeeealllly left but as Mrs Hinch rose to fame, so did grey and crushed silver, so monochrome didn’t really get the spotlight that it deserved! However I’m here 
to announce that neutral tones are in…and I’m about to show you why you need to hop on it!

Not that good at colour matching? (I’ve got my hand up) Or you just want to try something different? (I now have two hands up) Brilliant! Monochromatic interior is just what you’re looking for! 

A restricted palette does not have to restrict you!

Your monochrome interior will not only give your space a modern and elegant look but it’s a stress free way of creating a stylish aesthetic for your home and what’s fantastic is that there’s no specific way to do this.

Black and white or White and black? Is there a difference you say? YES! A lot of people choose white as the dominant shade with hints of black because it helps your space appear more airy, introducing a clean and bright atmosphere! On the other hand, some choose black as the dominant colour because it gives more of a bold/dramatic effect. Brave souls 👏🏽 In addition, you can add more of your personality with a subtle hint of colour (Nude makes a lovely accent colour against black and white). 


The accessories you use in your interior will play a vital role in making it your own style! This is where I make your life easier! 😊 Scroll down for some of my affordable best finds that you need in your home! 


H&M - Tasseled Cushion Cover 

Do I really need to do the whole sales pitch? You don’t need me to convince you that you need this in your life! You can blatantly see how stunning this pillowcase is. Also, (quick tip) bold patterns like this are perfect for neutral interiors because it gives just the right amount of contrast against minimal decor. It’s a must have!


EdensArtGB - A3 Mono home prints - set of 2

Hello, artist speaking! BUY ART! Art will add so much character to your space! It doesn’t just decorate your space but it allows your personality to shine through also. These minimalist, monochrome abstract prints are not only affordable but will give a high end look to your space when framed. Jot it down. You’ll be needing these!


Dunelm - Miki cain rocking chair

Ok, a little on the pricey side, however money is meant for spending so let’s get into it. When we think of rocking chairs, we think…grandad and a newspaper, right? Not in 2021! This stunning black chair with it’s contrasting, natural rattan seat and backrest would be such a trendy, stand out addition to any lounge area. Everyone will walk into your home and gaze in amazement. If they don’t…they’re hating!



Tate at Home - Gezellig medium bowl 

So I was scrolling on insta (awful habit) and my first reaction was ouuuuu I’m liking these. Then I thought hold on…I’ve ate from these!! Yep, sure have! My sister has a set of these bowls and I can honestly say they are stunning!!! Scrap the boring plain white kitchenware and try adding a bit of personality to your kitchen. You’ll thank me for it!

Anyway, I hope you’ve found something to take away from here. If you didn’t I’ll cry so just say you did! 😊


If you take my advice and go monochrome. Be sure to take some snaps and tag me on insta so I can see how it turned out @EdensArtGB


Oh and whilst I’ve still got you, why not check out my art. It’s not all monochrome related but they are original pieces that you won’t find anywhere else :)

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