5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Original Art

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Original Art

1. It's One Of A kind!
There’s nothing like hanging art in your home and knowing that no other home in the world has what you have. Imagine your favourite pair of shoes - yeah they’re great but hundreds of other people have that same pair! It’s not unique because there’s plenty of other copies…but imagine there wasn’t. Imagine if it was only you in the entire world that owned an item like that. That’s a different league right there! 😉 

2. It's Handmade
Hours of skill, thought, emotion and passion has been created for your visual pleasure by a real human and not iRobot. How can you not value hard work?

3. Potential financial gain
Yep, it’s not just the artist who can make money from art. Imagine if someone purchased from Picasso in his early career, do you know how much that painting would be worth right now? 😮 Enough to buy a house or 4 in FULL, that's how much!
J.K Rowling's first edition of the Harry Potter book (not exactly art but stay with me) was sold in a library for £1 in 1997. 20 years later that same book was sold at auction for £28,500. If originals aren’t worth investing in then I don’t know what is. 

4. You will support the artist directly.
It gives us a chance to get noticed now, when we're alive, instead of 100 years later. Buying art from an artist brings a joy that is unexplainable and you (yes YOU), can have the privilege of knowing that you played a part in helping us live out our dreams. It means the world to me when people buy my art because that means that they value something that I’ve created. #Honoured! 

5. Happy Home, Happy Life
Art is something that humanises your environment, enabling your home to have character. Art has the ability to transform any space into a more enjoyable and liveable environment, which also has a healthy, positive impact on your mental health! 
Fill your walls with art!! 


Whilst I’ve still got you, why not check out my ORIGINAL art - unique pieces made from love and passion! You won’t find them anywhere else :) www.edensartgb.com

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This is incredible and very true! Keep going girl! X

Bianca Davis

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